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My Personal Masochisms
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Money Masochism and Financial Sadism's LiveJournal:

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Saturday, May 20th, 2017
3:55 pm
Looking for more
I currently have one piggy and am seeking more piggies. I love to be worshipped as Goddess. I love force feminization, humiliating them, having them do things in photos. I currently have control of my subs Facebook, which is such a turn on and a rush to have such control. He's online only and that's what I am looking for. I use Kik currently and Facebook Messenger. Inbox me for that information. I love being paid via PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards but no giving out bank account information. Someone tried that on me and I wasn't stupid enough.
Monday, January 16th, 2017
3:54 pm
Find a home with Me.

Looking for some fresh meat to fill in some spots.
Bra minion
your job is to make sure My bra drawer is full of nice and new bras.
Buy Me 3 bras a month..
Send Me cash to go shopping for bras at the mall.
Buy My old bras from Me.
you will get pics of Me in the bras you buy. If I use the bras in clips
you get the clip for free.

Gamer minion
your job is to make sure I have any and every game or gaming
accessory I want.
Buy Me 3 games a month. Used games are fine as long as they are
at least a few months old.
Buy Me a year membership for My gaming console.
Buy Me 1 gaming accessory a month.
Send me cash to pre-order games.
Play with Me and talk to Me while we play.
Want to buy games for a few Ladies? Also buy games for
ExquisiteGoddessArrion and aSirenslove as well.
I game with these Ladies almost on a daily basis.

Shoe minion
your job is to make sure I have new shoes and anything I
want for My feet.
Buy Me 4 pairs of shoes/boots/flats a month.
Buy Me socks, stocking, lotions, etc.
Send Me cash while I go out shoe shopping and get pics
and skype/ kik calls to see the shoes/boots I am thinking
about getting or have tried on.
you will get pics of all the items you buy Me. If I use them
in a clip you will get the clip for free.
you can also buy My old footwear.

Lipstick Minion
your job is to make sure I have the best lipstick.
Buy Me 4-6 lipsticks a month.
Send Me cash to makeup stores.
you will get pics of Me wearing the lipstick you
bought for Me. Every time I make a clip wearing it
you get the clip for free.

Blackmail minion
Sign one of My many blackmail contracts. Pay $20 for My
sample contract or $30 to see all My contracts. If you decide
to sign the money will be taken out of the buy-in or first tribute.
you will be given task (with picture or clip proof). All contracts
come with weekly or bi-weekly tributes, task, and buyouts.
TeamViewer is a plus not a must.

Chastity Minion
I want to be your keyholder. you will sign My keyholder contract
and We both will go shopping online or real life for a chastity device.
If it is online you will buy the device and get it sent to Me. I will
mail you the device and keep the key. Want release? you will
have to beg and bribe Me for release. you will send Me pics of
My new cock in its cage and do other task.(Pics and clips for proof)
There will also be weekly or bi-weekly tributes.

Panty minion
Want help buying and wearing panties more?
Sign My panty boy contract. you will buy panties for Us both.
Buy us 3 pairs of panties a week.
There will be task, weekly/bi-weekly tributes, and other fun things
for Us both. I will have you in panties everyday. Don't have enough?
you will if you sign this contract.
you will also be able to buy My old panties.

To veiw My contracts there is a fee of $25 to view them all.

Current Mood: artistic
Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013
8:06 pm
Accepting New Slaves Now
I was just treated to new presents at the mall today by a REAL man and it got me thinking about accepting applications for a new slave today.

I deserve to be spoiled and you know you want to. I won't be easy on you but every slave of mine has known it is well worth it to serve under me. I will break you down and build you up to be the perfect slave. I take very good care of my pigs.

If you are brave enough to request such an honor from me make sure to message me at mademoisellesparkeslut on Skype or Yahoo Messenger or email me at mademoisellesparkleslut@gmail.com.

There is currently no tribute fee for speaking to me at this time because I'm feeling generous, but do not test me pigs. You will treat me as a Goddess when speaking to me or you will perish. That's not to say tributes won't get you better noticed by me.
Sunday, April 21st, 2013
9:57 pm
Worship me NOW
Photo on 2013-04-19 at 15.44 #6

Hello Worthless Swine,

I have decided to grace you with amazing presence and you better MAKE IT WORTH MY TIME.

I want to get to know some of you paypigs so email me at mademoisellesparkleslut@gmail.com or message me on Skype at mademoisellesparkleslut.

I'm bored and am not here to fuck around so you little piggies better get on it. Now that you have seen me you simply cannot resist.
Wednesday, October 24th, 2012
7:52 pm
I am your Goddess.
I'm bored and I'm looking for new little things. If you want some of my time, you need to pay up.

I expect nothing but your complete adoration.

Friday, July 27th, 2012
11:49 am
Just woke up from my 3some!
We're down to the final week before everything has to be moved in. What with illustration deadlines, a house that is full of unpacked boxes, and the unrelenting torrent of losers hoping to score a free wank by trying to get me to talk to them without first paying tribute, your Goddess was feeling pretty frazzled.


It's been what, 3 weeks? 10 pages of losers wasting my time. Maybe 4 subs have actually been worth the air they breathed. When I refuse to engage with shit-eating subs trying to make me talk about their fetishes without paying me, they get angry and call me a whore, and claim that "women like me are just here to beg men like them for money".

Generally, sexist slurs and insulting what I do is a good way to get me to tell you to kill yourself, and to get blocked. It's astounding how misogynist some slaves are at their core, how entitled they really feel to a Domme's time and energy. They think We're here for them, when it's actually the other way around. I certainly don't "beg" anyone for money---just like a doctor doesn't beg patients to pay for the care they need. If you can't pay or aren't insured, a doctor doesn't have to treat you. Why should I talk to any pathetic freak who calls himself a slave if he can't send proper tribute?

Fortunately, there are SOME slaves who know how the real world works and their place in it. My new slave Hi was so eager to serve me that he told me to contact him once the book he'd bought off my wishlist had arrived. Lucky for him, it arrived yesterday!


Anyways, I finally got a chance to relax when Mistress Genie showed up for dinner. You may remember her as the fellow Domme I do panty and sock auctions with on occasion, and the Lady with whom I go riding. She's newly single and excited to have lots of new sexy adventures :) I cooked herbed chicken breast with golden potatoes, she brought the pinot noir, and a box full of toys! After dinner we were feeling pretty buzzed, and went up to the bedroom. While my Man was putting dishes away, Mistress Genie and I conspired. As soon as my Man came upstairs, we stripped him and shackled him to the bed. We then lay on top of him and started making out with each other, while he could only watch and feel our bodies writhing against him. Mistress Genie played with my pert tits and pussy, and then it was her turn to lay back and enjoy. She pumped my man's cock in her hand while I suckled her plump breasts and ate her sweet pussy out. It's been so long since I've gone down on a girl, I was in heaven! My Man has always wanted to see Mistress Genie and I fuck, and he was so hard and ready by the time Mistress Genie came all over my face. Asking her what she'd like to do next, she replied that she'd never pegged a man before....


Mistress Genie wears my purple Feeldoe and leather harness, with my feet in the foreground. We unshackled my Man's legs from the bed, and Mistress Genie bent his legs and roped his calves to his thighs. My Man is no newcomer to pegging, but he was in for a rough ride as Mistress Genie plunged her purple silicone cock into his ass. Her powerful muscular body rode him as I knelt over his face and he ate me out; I twisted back to pump his cock, and when he came he shot cum all up my back.

Exhausted and spent, the three of us headed to the shower for a nice rinse off, and then collapsed into bed. Any losers reading knows he could only DREAM of being mistreated so badly by two beautiful young Goddesses such as ourselves. Open your wallets and feel your Goddess drain you of the only thing your worth---your cash!
Monday, July 16th, 2012
4:46 pm
teamviewer friends

who wants to do a teamviewer session with their Goddess? My UK slave had to cancel at the last minute; I'll be on for a few more hours and I want to SHOP!

message me at kittyhot18 on yahoo.


Goddess Kitty's Website
Goddess Kitty's Tumblr
Goddess Kitty's Amazon Wishlist

Read this if you want the pleasure of serving ME!
Thursday, July 12th, 2012
2:57 pm

I'm looking for a few worthless pigs who want to surrender their personal info to Me and feel the constant threat of being EXPOSED unless they give in to my demands. Losers should message me at kittyhot18 on Yahoo---$25 in amazon gift certs gets you half an hour of chat with me; $50 gets you the same but with cam turned on. I love blackmail, using team-viewer, and role-play.

Also looking for long term slaves; see below for info on that.


Goddess Kitty's Website
Goddess Kitty's Tumblr
Goddess Kitty's Amazon Wishlist

Read this if you want the pleasure of serving ME!
Tuesday, December 27th, 2011
10:50 pm
Looking for some new slaves/Losers/ Subs/paypets/cashpigs.
Experienced money mistress looking for some new meat to mash. If you like to be mind fucked and wallet raped I'm your woman. Message me for details. Serious inquiries only! If you can handle me!

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011
1:10 pm
CAVE for Me.
I love when you try to hold yourself back to not pay. I really get giddy over it... because I know, you will CAVE for me.

So when you sit and stew in that never ending battle with what your "good  sense" is telling you for those few minutes in between paying... know  that it's foreplay for me, and stalling the process just turns me on. Either way... you're fucked, you just choose how fast it happens.

Call direct http://mzdevon.com/1855MZDEVON or via http://FemdomHumiliatrix.com

Good $luts will $pend!

Devotional Musings - Slave Blogs and Podcasts

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Current Mood: devious
Sunday, August 28th, 2011
1:58 am
Femdom Community Projects
Hello all! In case you didn't know, I have some Femdom and Fetish community projects going, and would like to remind you to check them out and perhaps participate. Let me start with the toplists.

The most highly-populated topsite I run is Tease Domme. The theme of this topsite is tease and denial and humiliation, but it is really for all female dominants. All female dominants with a website and banner are welcome to sign up; just please read the guidelines first. I highly encourage submissive men and Femdom admirers to check out all of the sites on the list... there are some true gems listed that you might not even know about.

Another one of my toplists is specific to Femdom hypnotists, and that is Hypnodomme Utopia. If you have a website on which the subject of erotic hypnosis is prominently featured, I would love for you to join. All female practitioners of erotic hypnosis (who also have a website and a banner) are encouraged to sign up. Again, please read the guidelines first. Your site must prominently offer some kind of erotic hypnosis information and/or products. And submissives, if you have not engaged in an erotic hypnosis sessions before, it is something that is definitely worth checking out. Personally, I am very passionate about erotic hypnosis.

Then, there is my most recently created topsite, Financial Fetish. Financial Fetish is specifically for money mistresses and especially artistic and unique Femdom and fetish websites. I have not yet created a page for guidelines yet, but if you know you are a cream of the crop female dominant with a website that is well beyond spiffy, please apply to be listed there. Boyz, feel confident that if you visit any site on that list, certain parts of your body will begin to twitch and throb. *winks*

If you join any of those toplists, once you are approved you will receive an e-mail with the code you will need to place on your website in order to link back. This is mandatory, and the more prominently placed the banner is on your site, the higher your banner will likely be positioned on the toplists. This is because it is clicks on the toplist banners, from your website, that puts you in a higher position on the lists.

Another Femdom and fetish community project, which is growing rather nicely, is the Online Domme directory. Currently, you may add any of your Femdom websites, journals, clip stores, phone lines, forums, social networking sites, etc., and NO link-back is required. You can also add a YouTube video to your listings, as well as your Twitter feed, if you have either. Submissives and fans can also make an account, and there is tons of fun stuff to do, like rate listings, make a list of your favorite links, comment on websites, and more. There is no other Femdom directory like it; there are tons of features that make it unique and fun, so please check it out and visit often!

Yet another erotic hypnosis project is the hypnodommes LiveJournal community, which already has a great group of Femdom hypnotists posting fairly regularly. It includes blogs, articles, and product releases by Hypnodommes, and even by some fans. If you join the community, after your first post, your website link will be placed in the left side bar. Additionally, all your posts to that community will show up here and here, so you get some really good exposure. All erotic hypnosis enthusiasts, and even if you are simply curious, you are welcome to join. Just visit the profile page, and on the right you should see the option to "join community."

If you read all that (hehe) then you might as well actually check it all out and participate! Hoping to bring traffic to quality Ladies, and to give submissives plenty of amazingness to worship, serve, and obey :)

Goddess Lycia

Friday, August 26th, 2011
1:24 am
MY brand new Hypno BRAINWASH TRIGGER mp3

Contains: Binaural beats, post hypnotic triggers, subliminal suggestions.

It's time for MY "GOOD BOY" TRIGGER to be installed in your bbrainnn!

It's SO easy for Me to exploit the weak spots of your mind. All you need to do is put on your STEREO headphones, lie back, and listen while your mind gets fuzzier & softer, squishy & MUSHY, as I install MY "GOOD BOY" programming. Before you know it you'll have been listening for HOURS and you won't even know what happened.. all you WILL know is that you WANT to be a GOOD BOY for ME, and ONLY ME. ABOVE ALL ELSE, you NEED to hear ME say.. "GOOD BOY" - go ahead, you want to LISTEN NOW.

Shop til you DROP @ Platinum Glamour Boutique! NOTHING to join & easier than ever to spend it ALL on ME!

GLAMBANNER My iridescent voice lures you to greater heights for ME..

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
9:06 pm

oh you are in SO much trouble! A directly to the point and EXTREMELY POTENT concentrated dose of MY voice designed to BRAINWASH you and HYPNOTIZE you with POST HYPNOTIC TRIGGERS which I WILL exploit for MY benefit. Listen at your own risk! *I* suggest ON LOOP for ONE HOUR, for MAXIMUM BENEFIT! OPEN NOW. This is JUST what YOU need..

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011
11:59 pm
New Sounds - clips for money masos

So I've got an ongoing series, if you've been busy living down in the dirt like the insects you are you might not know about it, but believe me, the other jackworms are onto it already and partying heavily under my influence. You NEED this- the FINANCIAL DOMINATION re-awakening of a lifetime!

I've been seeing a LOT of bad behavior out there, and a lot of crap that has totally diluted the whole point of Financial Domination, as I see it. My philosophies and my completely heartless and cruel rhetoric are way overdue - already wayward wankers have been adjusted and tugged back into place.  The clips are accessibly priced - my ATTENTION based on them is not. And guess what's already happened?

My hands are rapidly becoming filled again with the putty of malleable non-men who long to suffer.  Lucky them.

Demeaning, Demoralizing, and DIVINE.

Here's a breakdown in parts, if you're like that.

Also available at my KINKBOMB shop:

And at my c4s
Tuesday, July 12th, 2011
10:56 pm
TAINTEDLOVE Total Financial Domination CINEMATIC Mind Control ART   Dadaist FAUVISM of the bbrainnDescription: Crafted to control your mind via the medium of sequential FILM images, this is TOTAL CINEMATIC MIND CONTROL. THE RUSH of Me taking your money.. the RUSH of this TAINTED LOVEI give you.you are SO INDEBTED to ME!The way I TEASE you, TORMENTING your bbrainnn with such intense psychological experimentation.. OMG SUCH EXQUISITE MENTAL ANGUISH I bestow upon you!

Total Financial Domination CINEMATIC Mind Control ART   Dadaist FAUVISM of the bbrainn

This is My most elaborate avant-garde trance film to date! Dali & Cocteau would be proud. And OMG My platinum hair, crimson lips & JEWELS! Breaking new ground with this exquisite creation.. because this IS what I do. I create, everyday. The world is my stage, the internet my canvas.

TOTAL DECONSTRUCTIVISM of the bbrainnn! This Film Clip is pure Fauvist MIND CONTROL art. GET IT NOW.

sign Total Financial Domination CINEMATIC Mind Control ART   Dadaist FAUVISM of the bbrainn

All material copyright © Diamond Diva Princess & CapitalisticBlonde.com, All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use prohibited.

Saturday, July 9th, 2011
2:53 pm
I love when things match!
Picked up matty’s latest $2000 surrender and it must be fate that sent it, look how pretty it looks matching my SUV’s interior. If he keeps these tributes up he’ll be hitting mummy and daddy up for a few more BIG loans very soon. It’s been established his broken ego is far better off when making me smile.


Devotional Musings - Slave Blogs and Podcasts

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Current Mood: amused
Monday, July 4th, 2011
12:31 am
July 4th Special

I love the 4th of July and because I'm in such a good mood for the upcoming holiday

I'm going to give you losers a special treat!!

I added new clips to my KINKBOMB (super hot!!!)


Use the code July42011 when you purchase $50 worth of goodies from my KINKBOMB and you get 10% off!!!

And because I'm suck a nice mistress...I'm letting this promo run through the 5th!!!

So bust open those wallets and pull out those cards and



Current Mood: chipper
Sunday, July 3rd, 2011
4:10 am
CRUEL SUMMER with Goddess Lycia
This summer I am greedier than ever. I have some really sexy trips planned, have been shopping like mad to replenish my jewelry collection, have been swimming in my pool, creating art, lounging with my friends and lovers. Meanwhile, you (giggle) have been obsessively listening to my erotic hypnosis and humiliation mp3s, watching my lipstick fetish and financial domination clips over and over again, diddling your horny thingie and sending the contents of your bank account to ME.

I have been logged on solely to my $9.99 per minute listing on NiteFlirt, but you *still* have to call. The humiliated cuckold below thought he could get away with spending only $60 for 6 minutes of phone time with the Amazing Goddess Lycia.

Click to View

But he simply had to call back right away and spend another $100 to talk for 10 more minutes. ~giggle~ And the funny thing is that this wasn't even erotic hypnosis, which is what I do for a living. We were just talking about what a humiliated cuckold he is, and that his pretty wife has been cheating on him through the whole marriage while he becomes more of a perverted weirdo.

Click to View

Then another *addict* had to call me for $9.99 per minute as well. Again, all we did was talk about what a weirdo freak with zero sex life he is; a conversation which drained him of $300 in a half hour. I mean, LOL. I can understand the erotic hypnosis addicts calling me at $9.99 per minute to get a much-needed fix; it happens often enough. But these guys are just weirdo freaks who diddle to REGULAR CONVERSATION. omg I love it.

Click to View

And OH, what about Tonya the (wannabe) Transgender who just called my $9.99 line for BIMBO HYPNOSIS? Maybe she doesn't diddle to regular conversation, but I sure did turn her into one seriously dumb, horny bitch.

Click to View

Then, there is this male slave with a female name who has been buying all of the erotic hypnosis mp3s and fetish clips in my NiteFlirt store, PLUS sending hundreds to me for NOTHING. Well, it *is* for something. It is to serve his true purpose, which is obviously that of MY money slave.

Click to View

This summer ALL my admirers will have a financial domination fetish, whether they want to or not. You *will* spend $9.99 per minute to get your fix with me on NiteFlirt. Then you will send a TRIBUTE thanking me for allowing you to hear my voice at all.

~smiles~ Admit it, you enjoy my greed. It stirs something deep inside you, to know that I am *always* taking advantage of you and preying on your weaknesses, no matter how innocent or honest I ~seem~

Everything I do is to get you caught deeper in my web. Every single thing I do is to get you more irrevocably trapped, addicted, and OBSESSED. Is Goddess Lycia being sweet? Doesn't she seem kind, sometimes? Good... that is EXACTLY what you are supposed to think ~laughs~

I admit, you are very cute in your utter naivety. So cute I could squash you. And I will. Oh yes, sweetie. I am relentless this summer. You WILL give me all you have.

Try to Resist


Friday, June 24th, 2011
1:59 am
Treat for YOU!!!
Guess What Pigs!!!!

I have a little treat for you miserable slaves!!!

Even though you don't deserve it...I have been workin my sexy ass off for you losers...SO...go check out...

My WebSite


My Kinkbomb


My Amazon WishList


My TalkSugar


So I have given you your instructions go spend money!!!

Also I will periodically be on my yahoo messenger but don't expect to get much attention from your mistress unless you have bought me somethin pretty!!!


I will be updating my KinkBomb with more videos and such soon...ya kno these videos would go up a lot faster if one of you miserable pieces of shit would get me the Adobe Premiere that I want......

Current Mood: productive
Friday, June 17th, 2011
12:52 am

In My BRAINWASH STATION I will be trying out MY theories of MIND CONTROL on YOU. Yes, that’s right, I will use you as My LAB RAT. In this new members area you will find a selection of media and assignments designed to turn you into My hypnotized DRONE. This is an ALL NEW brainwashing experiment. Pull into the station and plug in.
pearls MIND CONTROL you get all kinds of SUPER COOL PERKS being a member. This is your VIP pass into MY world of MIND CONTROL. your admittance to this cyber playground of the mind also includes access to special members only pricing on ALL of My mp3’s, film clips, and assignments. The ONLY way to have access to these special selections is to buy the files from the members area BRAINWASH STATION.. just one of the MANY perks of being a member.
you will be inundated by My RE-PROGRAMIZATION experiments, Capitalistic Blonde PROPAGANDA, and intense INDOCTRINATION. you WILL BE My TEST SUBJECT.
Membership is payable through Verotel/Tickets Club payment processing – the monthly charge option is 100.00 per month. This is a PHENOMENAL deal, because to purchase access to even ONE of My full-length hypno mp3′s alone will average you 150 dollars. Find out what I have in there this month to get you addicted, DRONE. you CAN’T RESIST the CURIOUSITY of what I have PLANNED for you!!
PLUS!! As a VIP member you will get the passcode for My exclusive locked diary entries @ http://www.capitalisticblonde.com AND an ALL ACCESS PASS for http://www.PAYPIG.net - seriously what ARE you waiting for??!!

All writings & content on this page © CapitalisticBlonde.com - unauthorized duplication prohibited by law.
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